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Welcome to LIFE University's vital health program!

LIFE's Passport to Wellness program is where you can:

  • Create a free private account
  • Take a Holistic Health and Wellness Assessment
  • Take a Nutrition Assessment
  • Receive chiropractic care
  • Work with a Health Navigator
  • Work with a Registered Dietician
  • Set goals in different areas of your life to live a more balanced, healthy, vitalistic lifestyle!
    ...all at no cost to LIFE employees and their adult dependents!

Have you already created an account? If not, click here.
Have you registered your interest but haven't created your account yet? Send us a note.
Tried to create an account but having problems? Send us a note!
Have you received an activation email but are having trouble opening up an account? Send us a note.
Are you an adult dependent of a LIFE employee and want to participate? A LIFE employee has to invite you. Send us a note.
Watch an introductory video from Dr. Gilles LaMarche, Life's VP of Professional Relations:



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